Who is Donavon?

Founder / Master Fitness Trainer for Group4 Fitness Systems

This Desert Storm War veteran moves beyond simple encouragement to deliver a hard-core military style of motivation, pushing you to reach your full potential.


He is a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer who got his start more than 18 years ago as a Master Fitness Instructor for the US Military. Since that time he has worked with many different types of clients, foregoing specializing in one group of people for the varied experiences that a diverse client base can bring.


**Dr. Donavon Huff has been awarded the City of Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson Recognition Award!


While Donavon's achievements included training active duty men and women that were in complete wellness and or disabled. Through training he met along the way some of the most responsive defense teams that help to protect and aid in supporting these men and women: Paratroopers, Army Rangers, Special Forces units, Air force Officers, Non- Commissioned Officers, Correction Officers, Police Officers, Fire Fighters and their wives and extended families. Receiving from many of them the highest forms of recommendations and new client referrals along the way—perhaps his greatest contribution to the fitness world to date is his ability to bring his fitness knowledge and training to anyone willing to change their life. Recognizing the opportunity for everybody to benefit from this style of training, Donavon founded Group4 Fitness Systems.


For 18 years now, Donavon's focus has been on diversifying his fitness programs, so that they cater to all levels of fitness, body types and sizes. His time spent in rehabilitation has taught him the importance of having a flexible approach to fitness—one that can be disciplined and hard core, or encouraging and motivational, as needed.



Do Not Give Up Hope... Change Is Possible!


If you've always desired a higher level of fitness, but thought it wasn't possible, or if you've simply lost hope that you are able to change—you're wrong. Group4 Fitness Systems training is very impressive, and so are their results.

We Can Help You


Some examples of the types of clients Group4 Fitness Systems has worked with are:

•Athletes of all ages

•Exercise Novices

•Military /Police Academy Candidates

•Pre and Post Natal Mothers (and Fathers!)

•Geriatrics’ of all activity levels

•Disabled Veterans

•Time Conscious Executives

•Other Fitness Professional


Donavon states: “I have taken as much away from each of these groups as I have provided and feel I am a better trainer for working with each of them. In addition to the practical value of having such diverse group of clients, it has driven the need to have a just as diverse professional education.”


Donavon’s Certifications include:


 •U.S.Air Force Master Fitness Instructor

• Federal Bureau of Prisons Master Fitness Instructor

• D.E.C.A. (Defense Commissary Agency-Division of Fitness & Wellness)

• IFA (International Fitness Association) Master Certified Personal Trainer

• M.B.A Global Marketing, B.S. Business Administration

   w/ concentration in Fitness Facility Management

* PhD. Global Marketing

• Holistic Health- Institute of Natural Holistic Healing and Wellness

•Certified Practical Reiki Master/Kundalini Teacher Level

•Certified Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant

• Sports Nutrition (BioMed Labs Research and Development)

• Advanced Health and Fitness Specialist

• Performance Enhancement Specialist

• Fitness Motivation

• Developing Mind Body Programs

• NFPT/ ACE Studied and Lectured
• Exercise and Pregnancy
• Core Conditioning

Northern Winds Martial Arts/ Self Defense

• Kick Boxing Instructor

• Aquatic Therapy Instructor

• Advanced Group Training


Group4 Fitness Systems takes a multi-disciplined approach to each client realizing that just as every person is different so every workout must be as well.


Founder & Master Trainer Spotlight News Article

Founder & Master Trainer Spotlight News Article
News article on the company new Highlights and achievements of Group4 Founder and Master Trainer Donavon Huff techniques and training results.
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Group4 fitness systems and Northern Wind Martial Arts form Partnership!
Announces a strategic partnership for the development of fitness club facilities in the Northeast Ohio region. (Pg. 9)
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