Group4 Fitness Systems Philosophy

Group4Fitness Systems Philosophy

Our physical bodies are connected to our mental and emotional states of being. When we are physically sick, we have a tendency to be easily irritated and feel down. When we are physically healthy and fit, we manage stress better and feel better. The most effective way to feel and be your best is to exercise and work out. The most effective workout is to incorporate some kind of strength training in your workouts, since strength training naturally increases your body’s testosterone levels, which increase your feelings of well being and confidence. Strength training ranges from bodybuilding to muscle toning to make your muscles more slender.

OUR Bodies

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Our Bodies

Our bodies are designed to be physically active. At the beginning, man has been physical with farming and hunting for food. At the turn of the 20th century, over 80 percent of the people in America were farmers. At the turn of the 21st century, less than 3 percent people are farmers. In the last one hundred years, more and more people moved to the cities and stopped being as physically active as their body requires in order to be healthy and fit.
We use these to develop a customized training program for each of our clients, tailored toward his/her wishes, allowing the client to reach their stated goals in a reasonable time frame.

A farmer hoes his fields for hours, which gave him the physical activity to be healthy and fit, yet the activity was repetitive, which caused cyclic loading on the joints, placing too much stress on certain body parts, which then caused muscle imbalances and injuries. The farmer did achieve fitness through the physical activity the body needs, but at a very high cost of time, muscle imbalances, joint problems, and injuries.

We know more today at Group4 Fitness Systems about achieving total physical health than we have ever known. We know how to get the fitness activity the body requires for total health in a much more efficient, safer, and quicker manner. Your exercises are performed getting the physical activity your body needs, and therefore improved physical health & fitness, which leads to improved physical, mental and emotional health & fitness.

Our physical body adapts extremely fast. With less physical activity, our strength, endurance, and energy decreases. This causes our physical body to become more tired, have less energy, and depressed, which may lead to emotional depression. With more physical activity, our physical strength, endurance, and energy increases. This leads to having more energy and endurance, confidence, and ability, which leads to us feeling better and happier.

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Feeling Better and Happier.

We at Group4 Fitness Systems know how to target muscle groups via specific exercises designed during our personal training to balance your body. Most individuals bodies muscles are imbalanced. Even if you are right handed, your right arm tends to be stronger than your left arm. But this will create an imbalance through the whole body, since each of the bones are connected to each other, and indirectly, so are the muscles.

So during our personal training sessions, our personal trainer will also be balancing your body because your body is as strong as its weakest link. And any imbalances will either extremely slow down progress or make it stop to a halt because of an injury. All of this muscle balancing is performed while focusing on the major goals of the personal training client, such as weight loss, muscle toning, body sculpting.

We know how to workout your body in order to achieve your desired results in an extremely effective, safe, quick means. For example, for weight loss, we know how to decrease body fat by increasing the body’s metabolism via muscle activity through muscle exercises focused on weight loss, plus diet and cardio.

We believe in a total, complete healthy lifestyle – of whole living in all aspects of one’s life – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Each aspect affects each other and therefore works with each other. When a person is in great physical shape, they feel great, and more effectively handle life and get the most out of their life. When a person is up, they feel more confident, have more energy, do more things, they accomplish and achieve more, & the more successful they become.

“We Believe In A Total, Complete Healthy Lifestyle