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Group4 Gym Apparel Line- Now available with a large array of selection for men and women!

Group4 Fitness Systems Apparel Division was founded on the vision of producing an exclusive line of contemporary men and women’s fitness clothing. Group4 Apparel is one of the most rising names in the men and women’s active wear market.

The Group4 “Serious Change”™ is our fastest growing brand, has carved out a unique niche within the industry as a contemporary line for both men and women who want to combine Total Body workouts with other more traditional forms of fitness.

Group4 Public Apparel Store Division

This line offers an uplifting mix of athletic basics and trendy style. Whether working out or enjoying the weekend, Group4’s comfortable fit and trendy designs are versatile enough to keep up with a healthy, active life. 

The fitness industry has dramatically changed over the past two decades and we have strived to provide the customer with what they want. We remain dedicated to manufacturing apparel that suits the needs of those that believe in the philosophy of “Serious Change for Serious People” ™.

Group4 Public Apparel Store Division

Our Private Online Apparel Store is only for employees or contracted trainers.  You can shop and view all current available items 24hrs per day!.

Apparel is sold and can be custom ordered from any of our Exclusive member private studios.

Please click on the Apparel image to be taken directly to our Private Apparel Store and begin your shopping experience today!!

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“Serious Changes For Serious People” ™