Here's how the Group4 Fitness Systems Program stacks up against other personal training programs:

                  Group4 Fitness Systems Program                       Other Personal Training

Program specifically created to help people with "average" or "less than average" genetics get into incredible shape, so you can look like you've been working out for years, even if you have bad genes and haven't touched a dumbbell in your life

Since most trainers have good genetics and have been in shape their entire lives their programs are designed for other people with good genetics who have been in shape for THEIR entire lives. This kind of program DOES NOT work for the average person

Fast weight loss AND you keep it off - In fact, when you follow our simple program you will lose fat at such a rapid rate your friends are going to be DYING to know your secret

Slow to moderate weight loss and the fat typically comes right back within a few months because the trainer doesn't help the client develop new habits

We offer a trial workout with no commitment, no pressure and no obligation

Hardcore sales pitch usually disguised as a "Free Consultation"

We make sure you use correct form to improve your posture, minimize injury and maximize results

Not a whole lot of focus on form... more of an anything goes approach

Fun and variety: No two workouts will be the exact same

Same workout, week in and week out

Cutting-edge exercise techniques proven by science to get results

You'll perform the same 9 to 11 basic exercises the trainer learned in a 2-day certification class

Certified by real organizations like 'The Department of Defense USAF Wellness and Services Division, International Fitness Association and 'The American Council on Exercise'

Certified in a two day class put on by a corporate gym about how to upsell the clients on overpriced gym memberships and fluffed up products and services that are never going to be used.

We do this as a career because we love helping people get into incredible shape... it's our purpose in life and we're damned good at it... just check out the results our clients!

The trainer most likely saw a "For Hire" sign, applied for the job and got hired

Push you and motivate you to get the maximum muscle-toning fat-melting effect from EVERY SINGLE workout

They'll count your repetitions (meaning they'll tell you how many times you lifted the weight) and stand around being your "buddy" with a clip board and stop watch.