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Group4 Fitness Systems and Northern Wind Martial Arts Form Partnership to Advance Martial Arts Business Success

Master Greg Mayo, Founder and President of Northern Winds and Donavon Huff Master Fitness Trainer and Creator of Group4 Style of training created today one of the largest and targeted alliances to date in the Martial Arts and Personal fitness training arena.

Group4 Fitness Systems a nationally recognized private fitness training company and Northern Wind Martial Arts, an internationally leader in Executive Protection and Martial Arts training announced a strategic partnership for the development of fitness club facilities in the Northeast Ohio region.

The partnership is highlighted by a joint services agreement, which will offer Group4 Fitness Systems to be the exclusive provider of the Northern Wind/Group4 Martial Art training system to public and private fitness training studios, to contracted Fitness clubs and facilities designed, developed and operated by Group4 Fitness Systems. Northern Wind Martial Arts will also be involved in various other joint-marketing initiatives with Group4 Fitness Systems, including multi-media and online initiatives, which will promote and demonstrate Northern Wind Martial Arts services.

Together we will deliver an incredible value to our clients and end users. This is the kind of packaging our clients have been looking for.  Many of our training clients from government, law enforcement, education, hospitality, travel, to corporations and private investors looking to get back on the road to wellness or just stay in shape will now have an opportunity for a total bespoke solution.

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Northern Wind Martial Arts and Group4 Fitness Systems Partnership
Announces a strategic partnership for the development of fitness club facilities in the Northeast Ohio region. (Pg. 9)
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From Group4 customized training systems and Northern Wind Martial Arts Self Defense,  our clients will be able to build their visions of the type of body and secure comfort level of self awareness and protection they want to have. It’s about knowledge, and expertise. That’s the bottom line with Group4 and Northern Wind. Giving potential clients the latest in targeted personal training and Self Defense is what Group4 Fitness Systems is all about. “We could not be more excited about this relationship!”

Group4 provides the perfect blend of personal training, strength, quality and value that will allow us to cater to the ever growing consumer and commercial market.

Exploring Martial Arts

Asian methods of exercise and meditation have come a long way through history. Various forms of martial arts training are perfect for easing the mind and building muscle. If you happen to be stuck with a boring workout routine and looking to try something new, martial arts could be the perfect choice.

Northern Wind Martial Arts Professional, Master Greg Mayo knows a thing or two about the benefits of this unique exercise. Master Mayo has used Gongfu for real life survival including the interests of bodyguard clients. With 22 years experience as a bodyguard, Mayo has protected Patti Labelle, Earth Wind and Fire, Steve Harvey, Jamie Foxx, and was Usher’s first bodyguard.

My Gongfu deals with meditation and prayer,” says Master Mayo, who prays for guidance as a teacher and encourages others to “Have an open mind and heart and to venture out and find things.” Master Mayo is practical, his training stresses the importance of top physical discipline and fitness not just in order to face danger with violence, but also in order to run away, if need be, because, as he says, “A battle can be decided with common sense, as opposed to hands and feet.”

Gongfu (Kung-fu/Gungfu) instructors are scarce. Credible Gongfu instructors are rare. Fortunately for Cleveland, Ohio, there is Master Greg Mayo of Royal Liu Siong Gongfu, one of the world’s most credible Gongfu instructors.

Master Mayo’s martial lineage stems from Chinese Royalty through Grandmaster Liu Siong. Mayo’s instruction comes through Moorish American, Grandmaster Arthur Sikes, whose awarding of the 4th degree master’s red sash was witnessed by Grandmaster Willem Reeders, Tam Kim Sjong, Paul Tjan, and Grandmaster Sam Wong, representing Gongfu interests in Indonesia, China, USA, Hong Kong, and Canada.

Mayo began in martial arts with Karate, Tae kwon do and Judo. He became involved with Gongfu when Grandmaster Sikes convinced him that he had much to learn.

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Mayo’s Gongfu teaches the physics of combat. For example, an opponent’s motion or body positioning may be seen as circular, triangular, or square and one shape or motion may be utilized to defeat another. To the uninitiated, the intentions of Mayo’s movements, though deadly, are not simple to grasp, as they are not large movements or easy to see. His movements conceal deadly threats at every changing turn or shift of an elbow, wrist, or even a finger. Such an approach to combat involves not being the aggressor, but the aggressed. Mayo’s Gongfu teaches that it is the energy, the force, of the opponent, that causes the opponent’s own destruction.

Master Mayo Northern Wind Student