Online Training Calendar/FAQ

Your Questions, Our Answers

Q. Do I have to belong to a gym to workout with your personal trainers?

A. No! When you purchase a package of in-gym training sessions from Group4 Fitness Systems, there is never an additional gym membership or initiation fee. You’re free to use our fitness facility inCleveland as often as you wish during the length of your contract with us. This does not apply to in-home or 1-on-2 training, however.

Q. I’ve decided to train at home. What equipment do I need for in-home personal training?

A. Our training does not depend on bulky, expensive fitness equipment, but we may recommend free weights, resistance bands, Swiss ball, or other inexpensive exercise aids. We suggest that you do not purchase these items in advance, but after your first introductory training session, we will let you know the equipment that will work best for your individual program.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. Our personal training packages vary depending on the number of sessions you purchase and the times of day that you train. Generally, the cost per session ranges from the mid-$30s to mid-$70s.

Q. Do you offer group exercise or group medicine ball classes?

A. Yes, our services are based on individual and or group instruction. Most importantly we do provide large scale group workouts as part of our fitness boot camps inCleveland.

Q. Where is your fitness center located?

A. Our personal training gym is located in midtownCleveland,Ohio. However, we have trainers available for in-home training throughout our national training and certification platform.

Q. When can I train?

A.  Our trainers are available Monday through Friday from 6 AM to 10 PM. Weekend hours vary by Private Scheduled Sessions and season.

Q.  Is there a specific training program that you follow?

A.  Group4 Fitness Systems does not subscribe to any single fitness fad. Our practices and techniques are based on sound, proven principles of exercise and nutrition. You will receive a full fitness evaluation including heart rate and blood pressure, muscle mass index and circumference measurements, and we will develop a program based on your fitness level, medical history and goals. As your level of fitness increases, your program will be adjusted. You will always be challenged and never bored.

Q.  I really need to lose weight. How can personal training help me?

A.  Group4 Fitness Systems takes an integrated approach to fitness that includes proper exercise and nutrition.

Q. How often should I work out?

A. Most of our clients work out with their personal trainer one to three times a week, and we recommend that you work out on your own an additional two to three times each week.

Q. How can I reach my goals if I only workout twice a week?

A. Group4 Fitness Systems trainers do more than workout with you twice a week. They will provide you with a plan to follow on your “off” days from training. They’ll counsel you on how to reduce stress or eat better. They’ll recommend a cardio regimen, if that is one of your goals. They’ll educate you on keeping yourself fit. They are much more than trainers.

Q.  What if I’m not happy with my trainer?

A.  A strong relationship with your trainer is essential for attaining your fitness goals. You should have confidence in your trainer’s ability and knowledge, and you should genuinely like him or her. Group4 Fitness Systems has a very high success rate matching clients with the right trainer. We also have an intensive interview and orientation process for our trainers to insure that their background and qualifications are up to our standards. We go a step further unlike other gym; we actually train and re-train each trainer. Every trainer is taught our methodology of how and why on our exclusive system of training. However, if you are not happy, a Group4 System Fitness senior manager will meet with you to discuss your concerns and alternatives.

Q.  Is there a minimum number of training sessions?

A.  Our minimum program is 1 sessions. The most realistic program for measurable results based on average required time needed would include 16 sessions or two months, roughly two personal training sessions per week, but there are packages of up to 12 months. The longer the amount of time and number of sessions you agree to, the lower your average cost per session.