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When you work with a Group4 Fitness Systems Personal Trainer, you’ll benefit from a personal fitness training program that’s custom-built with your goals in mind.


If you are looking to get personal fitness training either to get back in shape, for a specific sport , injury recovery, self defense or a targeted career reason then you are at the right place.  Our approach to fitness is one that you will not just enjoy and understand, but see the benefits from. 


We offer Group Classes that target your specific goals and measures your achievements while providing the opportunity to see others progress right along with you. By contacting Group4 today you will be able to discuss our pricing enrollment options and schedule your first training session that will include an assessment and plan that will be right for you!

One-on-One sessions

I’m in good shape but I want to reach my optimal fitness level
Individual Single session hourly rate: $75

Weekly Training Packages  Hourly Rate Half Hour Rate Prices
Bronze 1 session $50 $450 $900
Silver 2 sessions $55 $240 $660
Gold  3 sessions $60 $90 $360
Platinum 4 Sessions      

** For Special Discount Pricing offers please contact our Membership Services Department.  We offer monthly specials on all of our services.  Call today at 440-789-4044.

New Client Enrollment and Evalution:


Call us today... So we can assist you on your road to wellness!  Take the first step and allow us to help you make a plan on the next steps in your journey to acheive the body and lifestyle that you want and rightfully deserve...